Founding Mission

“I am not receiving enough income from my portfolio.”

Our founders heard this statement repetitively before starting GAMMA Investment Management LLC. The mission is not to only provide more income for our clients, but to also create protected portfolios that take advantage of asymmetrical return patterns. In so doing, we seek to add value for our clients without market timing.

If you are an institution or high net worth investor wanting to better understand asymmetrical return patterns and GAMMA strategies, we encourage you to first connect with our CIO, James Mahnke.

GAMMA Investment Management James Mahnke CIO

James L. Mahnke

CIO and Portfolio Manager

  • Oversees all algorithm and asset allocation models used to manage all tailored client accounts, both traditional equity and fixed-income as well as protected portfolios. Protected portfolios combine core equity and fixed-income securities with bona fide option hedges thereon, creating the opportunity to not only make money as markets rally but also to protect against quantifiable amounts of downside risk. Such security combinations also provide tax advantages and may lead to efficient portfolio structures for managing gains/losses and resulting tax payments.
  • Instrumental in developing and now manages the GAMMA CONVERTIBLE. This strategy seeks to provide a 300 b.p. yield advantage over a traditional investment grade fixed-income portfolio with similar duration and convexity characteristics. The CONVERTIBLE strategy combines primarily preferred stock, high dividend-paying equity securities and bona fide option hedges thereon to pursue its investment objective. Also manages the GAMMA BALANCE, a tactical blend of growth equity, fixed-income and bona fide option hedges. Both GAMMA strategies may also include fully-covered option hedges on inflation-related commodities. 
  • Represents GAMMA in published articles, public speaking events as well as leading client meetings.

Mr. Mahnke has achieved performance rankings and provided investment management and advisory services for accredited investors in the following capacities:


  • Shield Plus Chief Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager — A number one Barclay Institutional Report ranking for Option-Based Strategies.
  • SVP at ING/ReliaStar Corporation (now Voya Financial) — Lipper top-third mutual fund ranking for US Government Fixed-Income.
  • VP at Alliance Capital Management in Minneapolis & New York (now AllianceBernstein) — Russell top quartile performance for US Broad Fixed-Income.
  • SVP & Portfolio Manager at Security Bank & Trust — Achieved an equivalent Morningstar top quartile ranking for 60/40 Balanced.
  • Related Experience — Alternative Asset Committee & Asset/Liability Management Committees for $14B of marketable bonds at ING/ReliaStar and ING/ReliaStar Bank as well as third-party banks.